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Replying to all doesn’t prove you’re working

The IM Bat signal went up from a friend: How do I create a rule to stop mass emails? What she meant was: How do I stop this “reply all” conversation loop that I don’t want. We’ve all been there; some … Continue reading

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Follow the leader who leads

I like to find nuggets of the real world in sports since as a former sportswriter I’m always intrigued at how people fail to see professional sports as a job and business. They see the games, but not the hard … Continue reading

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Live blogging somewhat like the big boys

Our Chief Learning Officer held two Town Hall Meetings last week and as part of my push to show the value of social media and communication, I decided to live blog the events. I’ve always been impressed by folks who … Continue reading

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Work Out Loud wasn’t a shout, but wasn’t a whisper

We recently promoted a Work Out Loud week in our internal learning community and we had some success and saw areas for improvement. The goal of the week was to teach learning professionals the value and benefits of sharing their work. … Continue reading

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Let’s chat about live chats

At my company we have great enthusiasm for social learning, which is awesome. We also have an enormous gap in social learning and social media savvy and skill, which sucks. At the intersection of those points rests part of my job; the place … Continue reading

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Enough with the folders

May the Apple gods forgive me for saying, but there are many things I really love about SharePoint, especially its ability to serve up content from Libraries or Lists. When I see people at my company using a SharePoint library … Continue reading

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Be a social learning general contractor and build the structure

I like to do my own home improvement projects and because of that, when I’m not watching sports or Game of Thrones, I’m checking out my favorite shows on HGTV. That’s a good frame of reference for today’s topic because building … Continue reading

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