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Social Learning Manager and Strategist working on career number three. An Old School guy with Millennial skills and a lover of my family, sports and food.

Replying to all doesn’t prove you’re working

The IM Bat signal went up from a friend: How do I create a rule to stop mass emails? What she meant was: How do I stop thisĀ “reply all” conversation loop that I don’t want. We’ve all been there; some … Continue reading

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The right social channel can spur the perfect frenzy

I’ve been caught up recently in two of the latest social media frenzies – the Ice Bucket Challenge and the Simpson’s Marathon. Beyond the fun and community building of each, they show how to effectively use the right social media … Continue reading

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Fly or flail

I feel like I’m on the other side of the door about to open onto the next step of my career; I can fly or flail. I intend to flap my arms like mad  

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Follow the leader who leads

I like to find nuggets of the real world in sports since as a former sportswriter I’m always intrigued at how people fail to see professional sports as a job and business. They see the games, but not the hard … Continue reading

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Pierce chain mail with social channels

Internal social media channels are often neglected when creating communication plans; especially as part of change management. That’s too bad as it can be a far more effective tool than traditional hierarchical email blasts. I’ve made this the focus of … Continue reading

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Forget the phone, have an IM meeting

A recent glitch during a Webex meeting got me thinking about the time I had a team meeting using IM. For me, using IM for a meeting is great; it conceals my NY accent and I can type as fast … Continue reading

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Live blogging somewhat like the big boys

Our Chief Learning Officer held two Town Hall Meetings last week and as part of my push to show the value of social media and communication, I decided to live blog the events. I’ve always been impressed by folks who … Continue reading

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