Live blogging somewhat like the big boys

Our Chief Learning Officer held two Town Hall Meetings last week and as part of my push to show the value of social media and communication, I decided to live blog the events.

I’ve always been impressed by folks who live blog major events like Presidential Debates and ball games. It reminds me of my first career in newspapers when the writers would send in pieces of their baseball stories in 3-inning blocks. Our job as editors was to thread the blocks together and then take dictation when the writer called in with the lede right at deadline.

In those days I wasn’t banging away on an iPad, and I gotta tell you I think that was easier. Maybe it was because adding some commentary to the posts as they go up raises the degree of difficulty some what. And while we had to watch for libel and other journalistic needs, we certainly didn’t have HR looking over our shoulders.

I used my iPad for the first event and then my computer for the second. It was easier to type on the laptop, but I made equal noise banging on each device. Anyone who works with me knows I make a racket when typing, I think it comes from my newspaper days when we used those mainframe stations with the big thick keys…you really had to strike those babies. The mobile version of our community worked equally well as the web version so that didn’t hinder me at all.

I do wish we had gotten more immediate feedback during the events. I only had about 23% of the posts “liked” and only one comment. I’m sure some of that can be attributed to folks not knowing what a live blog was and that they were either in the room or listening to the events on Webex. I ran a quicky poll and the good news is that if people followed the blog, they overwhelming liked it.

Clearly this wasn’t as successful an experiment as Live Chats or the Work Out Loud Week promotion, but I wouldn’t write it off as a failure. At least I got to connect with some old skills and be reminded that time is a flat circle. The communications remain similar, it’s just the delivery that changes.


About John Buonora

Social Learning Manager and Strategist working on career number three. An Old School guy with Millennial skills and a lover of my family, sports and food.
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4 Responses to Live blogging somewhat like the big boys

  1. Rue Flowers says:

    John, loved your blog. Please let me know how things are going at Merck. Chief Learning Officer sounds great! Rue Flowers

  2. Vijay Shriram says:

    Hey John! Cool experiment! I think people had not known about your live blog and that showed in the low response rate. But on the brighter side, I see that this is the perfect case and time to educate people on live blogging! Congratulations and I wish more power to your elbows in your effort to use Social Media for learning.

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