Social twist on a stand-up idea

One of the social learning pillars I’ve written about is integrating social learning into existing programs. The Marketplace is an instance where we took an instructor led activity and made it digital and social.

In the classroom, the facilitator asks learners to write all the skills they’d like to share and those they’d like to acquire on a flip chart. Then the learners all walk around the room and find things they’ like to “buy.” Using a simple out-of-the-box SharePoint List, we’ve been able to take that concept and put it into many of the communities we’ve built. We don’t have access to change the list view templates, but it works pretty well as is. If you have SharePoint Designer skills, you can make the list display any way you want.

Since it leverages our internal profiles, which allows us to IM, email, etc. by hovering over a person, this becomes a great way to connect people from a networking perspective. It also allows everyone in the program to see who has what skills and gets them to share, learn and teach one another. Give it a try, we’ve found it to be very popular.











About John Buonora

Social Learning Manager and Strategist working on career number three. An Old School guy with Millennial skills and a lover of my family, sports and food.
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